Geek Blog May 13 GM III Beam Master Review

First Gundam Build Divers Build

Gm III Beam Master Review

Hello Geeks! Today I’ll be giving a quick down and dirty of the High Grade Build Divers GM III Beam Master.

First off, this thing looks like a block of chedder cheese was molded into a Gundam. No lie. We joked about taking some Nacho Cheese Doritos and smashing them to make the dust and use it for weathering. However, once you get it all put together and lined, the color doesn’t hurt as bad.

Next, it is a GM, so don’t expect too much out of it. The basic silhouette shows its a simple suit. But what if, and hear me out on this, we took a GM, and gave it some hip fire, a beam sniper that can switch to a mini gun and shoulder missiles! If that excites you, this kit will make you smile.

The gimmick of the changeling rifle is fun and cheeky. You can switch which weapon output without really changing weapons. You essentially attach the base to one of the “hip holders” and decide if you want to be a sniper, or spray and pray. In the show, the rifle rotates to change it’s output. Sadly, the kit does not do this (GG High Grade) and to switch weapons you must disassemble and flip the output, not hard, but a fluent rotating system would of been legit!

The build was pretty straight forward. The stickers surprisingly weren’t the worst thing in the world, except for the one on the antenna. You could leave it off, or just paint it honestly. There are weapons that attach to the outside of each leg which are a bit loose. I thought I had missed a step and forgot a polycap. However, it was intended to be built like that.

There are 2 helmets to use and instead of stickers for eyes they give you an actual clear piece. This makes the kit look much better!

I would suggest if you wanted to squeeze every bit out of this kit to go ahead and pick up the changeling rifle parts pack. It comes with some additional outputs and will give you the ability to dual wield.

All in all, I give the HGBD GM III Beam Master a 7 out of 10. Easy, simple, fun construction, but feels like a bit too much for one suit.

I changed out the tip of the rifle with another and found a beam effect that fit! ***Please note the beam effect is not included in this kit***

The missile pods come stock white. That bugged me so I painted them red to make it stand out a bit better!

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