Death of the 3.5mm Jack

The reliable 3.5mm jack we all remember from our childhood has been waging an unprovoked war. A war that it appears to be losing. Major phone creators Google, Apple, and finally it appears Samsung are ridding themselves of this over 100 year old tech.

So why change? My Galaxy S9+ I got not to long ago came with a free set of wired headphones that I still use. They work perfect. There is no battery to recharge. They just plug in and work. So again, why change?

The answer is, no one likes wires. Ever looked behind your TV and thought, holy bananas? Well it is no different with our phones. Wires are frustrating. I recently started using a wireless charger. For the first week I kept thinking this seems pointless. The wired charger works perfect and is a tested and reliable tech.

Well it dawned on me its all about convenience. Taking seconds off mundane tasks so we can just enjoy our technology. Why fiddle with a charger when I can just lay it down on a pad exactly like it would be laid on a table or desk.

Bluetooth headphones are becoming popular for the same reason. When I get my headphones out I spend about 20-30 seconds untangling them. It is just part of the routine of using headphones, I do not even think about it anymore. But like with the charger I would be happy to rid myself of it.

Regardless of the reason the phone companies tell us. Whether it be to provide thinner phones or bigger batteries. It comes down to convenience. Being able to pull an earbud out of your pocket and just start listening.

Bluetooth technology still has a long way to come, and I ensure you like with WiFi, it will get there. However, I am no audio expert and would be unable to tell the difference between a $5 speaker from Wal-Mart and a $300 speaker from a high end audio store. So I will not be holding out for improvement in the technology.

Time to start shopping for me!

Let me know in the comments your personal experience with Bluetooth headphones