Geek Blog May 22 Gundam Age II Magnum Review

Age II Magnum Review

My second build of the new Build Diver Series

Hello Geeks! I come baring news of the newly completed 1/144 High Grade Build Divers Gundam Age II Magnum! This was a great build, and if the rest of the Build Divers kits followed this formula, I would be stoked. But what made it such a great build? Let’s get into that!

First of all, the color and separation of the Magnum is simply brilliant. Unlike our Cheddar Cheese build from our previous post, this kit is much more easier on the eyes and flows smoother. The deep purple with the light gray, accented by orange and green lets the builder easily discern pieces and separation.

The next think I really enjoyed about this kit was how well everything fit together and was snug. For example, the arms are tight enough that you won’t have to worry about droopage, but not so tight that it is hard to move. The legs bend well and don’t slide. Even the feet, while I hate the heels look, help support crazy stances with out a base!

There are 8 stickers that come with the Magnum. If you really wanted, a green metallic paint would work just as well, but the stickers aren’t terrible. The Magnum also does transform into a flight mode known a “phoenix mode”. It’s a bit more complex than most HG kits we are used to. You take off all the limbs, fold the center, attach the weapon, then readjust and reattach the limbs. The phoenix mode did give a pretty sweet look to it, but I decided to keep it in normal mode after instead.

All in all, I give the 1/144 High Grade Build Divers Magnum a fantastic 8.5/10. Again, I hope to see the rest of the build divers line come out this good and am stoked to get my hands on the 00 Diver and Grim Beret next week!

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