Your New Fluffy Best Friend

Something new and wondrous has arrived within the walls of GeekIsUs.  Something so fluffy and amazingly soft that I knew it had to come home with me.  This soft creature and its friends are called Anirollz and they are more than just another plush.
All of these plushies are made from a brand new super soft and super squishy plush material.  This new material does not feel like any other plushie I have held before.  The amount of squish to it shows that BeeCraze, the creator of this product, did a lot of testing and tweaking to find what was just right.
The large plush has an approximate size of 10″x8″x16.”  This size is perfect to be used as a small neck pillow while watching TV.  And yes I have used a plushy as a pillow and not just for looks, I know I know do not hate me.  But just try it, seriously, it is beyond comfortable.  My girlfriend and I fight over who gets it on a daily.
The next size down for the Anirollz come in around 3″x3″x5.5″ and while they cannot be used as a pillow, they are just as adorable.  These guys come in with an interchangeable roll.  I would go into describing them but I think pictures would do better in this case.  So here you go!
The last few guys will not only destress you with how they look but will also destress you with their stress ball like squishiness.  These little guys come in a bag shaped like a soda can, which can be reused to carry an assortment of small items.  They are advertised to have a scent to them.  The panda squishy for example is a Peach scent.  However I have found that they tend to smell more like plastic than Peach.   This plastic smell vary rapidly goes away after opening to just small like a squishy ball.
That being said I personally would not be buying it for the scent anyway as there is way more to this product than just smelling it all day.  These guys will become your best friend at work to help cope with those stressful days.  Even if you do not take advantage of its squishy power, its adorable look alone should suffice.  Plus coming in at 3″x3″x5.5,” the same size as the plushies with the rolls, it will fit perfect on top of your desk without getting in the way.
Oh and just for the adults