Thanks Thor!

Cannot believe I missed then when it was posted a couple months ago. Wanted to give a shout out to The Mathiason Project for this neat quick video advertising our website!

Geek Blog August 8th: 30 Minute Missions Alto Review

Hello Geeks! Welcome to Geek Blog August 8th. Today, I’m going to give a rundown of Bandai’s new original line of plastic models, the 30 Minute Missions. Fluff your pillow, adjust your back rest and get ready for the 30 Minute Missions Alto review! Value in Price? Anyone who knows me very well that I […]

PowerPC Mac

A couple weeks ago I made a trip out to my parents house. Normally nothing unusual about this. However, this time it was to start going through my old room. My parents have decided to downsize. The house my siblings and I grew up in is way to big for them. Within the next year […]

Death of the 3.5mm Jack

The reliable 3.5mm jack we all remember from our childhood has been waging an unprovoked war. A war that it appears to be losing. Major phone creators Google, Apple, and finally it appears Samsung are ridding themselves of this over 100 year old tech. So why change? My Galaxy S9+ I got not to long […]