Geek Blog March 26 Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegito Figure-Rise

Super Saiyan Vegito Figure-Rise

Hello Geeks! What a day it has been for Dragon Ball Z here! Not only did we get the Gotenks Funko Pop in stock, we also got the blitz for Bandai’s new Super Saiyan Vegito Figure-Rise kit! Seems like it’s all about that fusion today!

First off, the color separation in this kit looks amazing. It’s not 90% orange headache induing like that, there is a variety of colors to keep you interested. According to the description, this particular kit is supposed to boast posability that no Figure-Rise before it has. I would hope that this is true considering the fact that there is an (almost) 18 inch beam effect that attaches to the hand! Why would you need that you ask? To attach the miniature impaled Buu included in the kit and recreate the famous scene! There of course is additional hands and faces to swap out for even more customization.

It seems like Bandai is recognizing the Figure-Rise line as successful and beginning to add little small details that make each kit that much better. As a fan of the Dragon Ball series, this makes me excited to see what other characters and kits we will get in the future. I beg of you though Bandai, please don’t make P-Bandai or ridiculously hard to acquire kits in this line so that we can all enjoy them!