Geek Blog March 25 Washington State Gundam Build Day

Washington State Gundam Build Day

Hey geeks! Yesterday we hosted Washington State Gunpla for another build day here at the South Hill Mall! About 35 people showed up for a few hours of fun and building with an awesome community.

For those of you who don’t know, Gunpla (Gundam + Plastic) is the art or hobby of building Gundam models. It can be as simple as a straight build which is right out of the box, to something exquisite and custom including painting, weathering, battle damage, lighting and so on. Kits have a wide array of style, size, and gimmicks making each one fun and exciting. A Gundam Build Day is where a group of people will get together and hang out while building their kits. It allows for community building as well as learning and mentorship.

This was our 2nd time hosting Washington State Gunpla and we always enjoy it. Each time, people bring new and exciting builds to display. We are also very fortunate to have an amazing group of people. Everyone is accepting, friendly. helpful and relaxed. It’s a great atmosphere to be around, even if you’re not building!

We would also like to say Thank You to BluefinBrands for sponsoring some giveaways yesterday. The prizes included A 1/144 HG Act Zaku, 1/144 HGBF Galaxy Cosmos, 1/144 RG Unicorn Dessinee, and a 1/100 MG GM Command Colony Type!

Enjoy the pictures of some of the builds and displays people were working on!


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