Geek Blog June 2 Grimoire Red Beret Review

Gundam Build Divers 1/144 High Grade Grimoire Red Beret Review

Hello Geeks! Today we’re going over the new Gundam Build Divers 1/144 High Grade Grimoire Red Beret kit!

Wow. I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed building a High Grade this much. The Grimoire Red Beret is simply astonishing and unique. But what makes this kit so amazing? Let’s break it down.

The Good

The first thing I noticed about the Grimoire Red Beret when I opened the box was the matte “army green” painted pieces. Most kits now days that have a bit of sheen from gloss paint but the Grimoire Red Beret defies standard paint expectations and truly shows off its unique and bold color choice. Paint isn’t the only thing that makes a good kit.

From the beginning, the Grimoire Red Beret builds like most of the new Build Divers line. The shoulders are PC sockets in which ball joints from the arm pop in. The stomach however is a round hallow ball. There is a peg that pops into another PC piece which binds the stomach to the chest. The head can be swapped out between 3 different colors. Each one of the heads has a different color sticker that fits well, covered by a clear eye piece and a face piece to lock them in.

The feet are the next awesome thing with the Grimoire Red Beret. With a wheel in the back of the foot, your Grimoire Red Beret has its own pair of Heelys it can roll around on. The front of the foot comes with a boot knife that can rotate out in case you need to kick something really good. The legs build a bit different and also come with their own gimmick which allows you to flip a blade out from the knee!

I can’t believe I’m writing about stickers under “The Good” section. There is 11 stickers total that are by the guide and they all fit well and easy!

The different head colors I mentioned earlier also turn into their own fighting units named Minimoire. These combat support mechs can wield the same knifes as the Grimoire Red Beret. The Minimoires can be displayed outside, or fit into the included backpack with their knives. The Grimoire Red Beret can also store its additional knife in the small of its back.

The rifle the Grimoire Red Beret carries has to be one of my personal favorites so far. It has four separate parts that from into one and can be switched around for your personal preference. The rifle allows for customization and different poses depending on your layout.

The Bad

This part is hard to write about since there is so much greatness with the Grimoire Red Beret. The backpack has a small problem though. The knifes really don’t snap into their designated spot and storing the Minimoires can be a bit tricky. I found it easier to detach the Minimoire heads from their arms, socket the arms to the slots inside the pack, then reattach the heads. If you slide the knifes down a bit to, the Minimoire will hold them in place so they don’t move around in the pack.

The arms and legs also have less flexibility than most kits. While you are able to move them around a decent amount, you can’t achieve the arms “super flex pose” or the “Red Frame leg dash” pose.

The Score

I give this kit a solid 9/10. If the backpack internal slots were better constructed, I could look past the arms design to give it even a higher score. Regardless, the Grimoire Red Beret has jumped to our Number 1 Spot of favorite Build Divers kits so far. The rankings follow as;

  1. Grimoire Red Beret
  2. Age II Magnum
  3. 00 Diver
  4. GM III Beam Master

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