Geek Blog May 31 Gundam 00 Diver Review

00 Diver Review

Hello Geeks! Today I’ll be going over the new Gundam 1/144 High Grade Build Divers 00 Diver kit. Let’s get to it!


Now for those of you who don’t know, I’m always giving flack to the 00 series. These feelings have absolutely no root to to them other than I enjoy poking fun at people who are fans of the 00 line. However, the 00 Diver is my first actual 00 suit build and even I can admit it was impressive.

The Good

First of all, the price point on the High Grade 00 Diver is amazing. Its average cost of $12 makes it highly competitive to its other High Grade counter-parts. The kit fits together extremely well. I was able to identify early on while snapping the 00 Diver together how sturdy it was. People who have been building Gunpla for a while always have a fear when it comes to High Grades and how well the kit will hold itself up. That concern is not existent with the 00 Diver. The kit is firm enough to hold any pose, but not so firm that it feels like it’s difficult to move.

The shoulders are ball joints that socket into a PC piece, making the arms flex well with a wide range of motion. The down side is once you put the GN-Drive above the shoulder, your range of movement is slightly hindered. The neck at first glance looked to be extremely loose but turned out to be well supported with a good range of motion itself. The legs are simple and flexible allowing for dynamic posing. 

The Bad

The 00 Diver sports some pretty small clear pieces. The pieces are not necessarily a hindrance but more of an annoyance, especially if you drop them.The kit comes with some stickers that cover parts which I felt could of easily just been re-colored. For example, underneath the top “foot cover” , the piece comes in the light gray, but gets a dark gray sticker put over it. Shame on you Bandai. The 00 Diver comes with 2 of the same “gunblade” weapons which it can dual wield or attach to its outer leg. The gunblades easily change between sword and gun, but felt a bit lack luster and boring.

Overall, I give the 1/144 High Grade Build Divers 00 Diver kit an 8/10. This kit is perfect for anyone who is interested in getting into Gunpla since it offers a lot at its price point. Veteran builders however may think it feels a bit plain.

We are now 3 out of 4 kits built in the Build Divers Series. We have had a blast with each one so far. They all brought something unique to the table. Next up on the list is the 1/144 High Grade Build Divers Grimoire Red Beret!

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