Geek Blog: Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Figure-Rise Review

Hello geeks! Welcome to this issue of Geek Blog: Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Figure-Rise Review. As the title says, I will be displaying a textual and visual review of my findings with the newest kit in the Figure-Rise line. For clarification, the only tools used in the build were a pair of God Hand cutter and an exacto-blade.

As you may have read in the Geek Blog: March 4th issue, I wanted to do a review of the new Goku Ultra Instinct Figure-Rise kit. I didn’t expect much difference from the other Goku kits in the line, but something genuinely felt different about it. It wasn’t just cosmetically different.


From the start you assemble the head. This kit comes with two facial expressions. What is cool is that in all the other Goku kits, you get a “yelling” expression. But Bandai stayed true to the show. While Goku was in Ultra Instinct, he didn’t yell, let alone make much of a sound of all. Because of this, you get a still expression, and a grunting expression.


From there you move onto the chest and torso. Bandai again stays true to the cannon in providing pieces of Goku’s tattered Gi in this scene. Because of that, you get a shirtless top half. There were pieces in the box that looked to be a reprint of his Gi, though I did not try to make them. I may go back and try it and add an edit with additional images.

Arms, legs and Waist

Moving on, the arms and legs I pretty sure the same as the previous versions of Goku. Their are stickers for his stripes on his boots. For the arms, there are 2 sets of hands. Closed fists and open hand for both sides that you can mix and match. His waist is also the same as his predecessors.


Moving on, there are also 2 energy effects included, the Kamehameha Wave and the Charging Kamehameha. You will notice that the Kamehameha Wave is new. Unlike the ones found in previous versions, this effect is shorter, by almost half the length! But that’s not to say that size means everything. The one found in this kit is thicker, and has a bigger….head…


At the beginning of this blog, I stated that somehow this kit felt different. But would you be mad if I said I couldn’t explain how? To put it into words as best as I can, this particular kit tended to hold its self better than the previous versions. I was able to balance and hold it in positions that I couldn’t seem to get with others. For example, I had it holding the Super Broly Full Power Figure-Rise kit in the air.

In conclusion, this kit does everything its supposed to do. The build flow is smooth and simple. The finished product is well balanced and aesthetically pleasing. But there is just enough slight differences to make it special. If you are a fan of this line, or wan’t to start, this kit is one you don’t want to miss.