Geek Blog: March 4th- Pre-Orders, Ultra Instinct and More!

Good evening geeks! Welcome to Geek Blog: March 4th! Can you believe that we are in the month of March already? Time is flying by, but we want to make sure you get a chance to check out all the epic loot coming out! On that note, we now have an easier way for you to do that!


Behold, the legendary Pre-Orders tab! A new feature that people have been asking for was recently added thanks to Hyperlink! In this tab, you can now see all items that are still available for pre-order. Once the item comes in, they will be taken off the list. Furthermore, if we sell out of a pre-order, that item will also disappear from the list. Make sure you check it out for the latest and greatest, and secure your loot today!

Dragon Ball Super: Goku Ultra Instinct Figure-Rise

Moving on! Those of you who know me, know I am a pretty big fan of Dragon Ball. While there are tons of merchandise out their for the franchise, I find myself being drawn more to the Figure-Rise . These snap together kits are fun and easy for anyone! The Dragon Ball Figure-Rise line has seen a uprising within the last year. Last year, we took some to Toy and Geek Fest and got them signed by their respective voice actors.

This past week, I once again put aside the Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame and opened the new Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Goku. Now, I wrote a separate blog for the review of Goku Ultra Instinct Figure-rise, but here is a sneak peak of some of it!


First up for events is out Washington State Gunpla Build Day hosted by GeekIsUs! Come out for a day of fun and building with people from all over Washington. Share your current work in progress of something you have already finished. A safe and inviting environment for all!

Next up, we will be attending the Washington State Toy Show on March 23rd! This is a show for any fan of just toys! Toys old and new, make sure you come and check out what local vendors have to offer. Who knows, you may even find that piece you have been on the search for!

I hope you enjoyed this volume of Geek Blog: March 4th. As always, you support is much appreciated! Is there a certain pre-order you are excited about? Or will you be attending one of our events? Let us know in the comments section and subscribe while you are at it!

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