Geek Blog: February 27th – Site, Pokemon, Dragon Ball and More!

Good evening Geeks! Welcome to another exciting addition of the Geek Blog. As always, I’ll be taking you through some news of things related to us. So sit back, relax, and let the smooth text your reading on your desktop or mobile device take you to bliss!

First off, as some of you may have noticed, we have been making improvements to the website. Most noticeably currently will be the home page. Hyperlink is hard at work finding the correct tune for the layout. We have taken feedback given to us and restructured a bit. Of course, we always want to strive to be better. So any feedback you want to share with us is always welcomed!


Next, there was some pretty exciting news in the Pokemon world! Generation 8 was officially announced earlier today with the titles of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The game is slated for release in late 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon Company released a video showcasing in game footage to include the new region, new starters, new graphics and more. You can find a link to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Video here.

Dragon Ball

Moving on, For you Dragon Ball Super fans, the new Goku Ultra Instinct and Broly Full Power Figure-Rise kits arrived earlier this week. These kits are the newest in Bandai’s Dragon Ball plastic model line and feature two favorited characters at their peak power forms. We expect these to go out extremely quick and re-ordering may be hard. Make sure you get yours while we have some still!

Broly Full Power Figure-Rise
Dragon Ball Super: Super Saiyan Broly (Full Power) Figure-Rise Kit
Dragon Ball Super: Ultra Instinct Goku Figure-Rise Kit


Speaking of plastic models, don’t forget that our Gundam Build Day with Washington State Gunpla is March 9th (Saturday) here at the South Hill Mall in Puyallup, Washington! The event is free and anyone is welcome, regardless of your building experience. Bring your own kit or browse our selection in shop. A giveaway at the end of the event occurs as well so you could end up winning a cool prize! A fun and safe space for anyone!

Washington State Gunpla Gundam Build Day with GeekisUs

A Helping Hand and Drink

Moving on. We all know how much I drink coffee. Probably more than is considered a healthy amount. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. What is coffee could help kids in need? Yes, there is such a thing.

The Coffee Oasis is a non-profit orginization that does 2 things. Serve coffee, and help kids. Proceeds from their coffee go to the Oasis Youth programs, which help homeless and street-oriented kids find shelter and a place of belonging. They also offer resources, services, activities, and programs to youth without regard to the individual for any reason. They also just recently opened the Terry House which is used to shelter kids that have fallen victim to human trafficking. So remember, the next time you need to boost your morning, give a kid some help they could use as well. You can find more about The Coffee Oasis here.


Last up on our agenda, is the gaming update. I know I told you all last week that I would continue on with the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 and share my thoughts. Unfortunately, this did not occur. You see, there are few times a year where League of Legends will put out a game mode called URF (Ultra Rapid Fire). For those of you who don’t know, URF is when all the champions have unlimited resources, 80% cool down reduction, improved health and income as well as other stats. These modes will vary with either certain or random characters, a new map, a new mechanic or just some crazy thing.The games normally don’t last longer than 20 minuets and from the very beginning can be a blood bath. I do appreciate normal League, but when URF is around, I have to get in as many rounds as possible while it’s up! So for that, I do apologize there is no KH3 update. Sorry, but no sorry really.

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