Geek Blog: August 26 Build Divers Gundam Jiyan Altron Review

Gundam Build Divers 1/144 High Grade Gundam Jiyan Altron Review

Welcome back Geeks! Today we’re going over the Build Divers Gundam Jiyan Altron kit. This kit is all about the spirit animals, so lets get to it! 

The Good

When I first lifted the lid off the box, I was taken away by the deep green what was facing back at me. Under that, a few yellow pieces that were bright enough to stand out, but not so bright that it was blinding. The gray that was included does a fantastic job of being the base color allowing the green and yellow to separate vividly.

The Gundam Jiyan Altron has a simple build that you would expect from a High Grade. A lot of polycaps and rubber joints hold the majority of the kit together. While you are building the kit, you can take notice of the amount of flexibility and range of motion each joint has on it’s own. The Gundam Jiyan Altron was meant for posing and looking good. It accomplishes all that and then some.

Each gimmick has its own gimmick as well. For example, the shoulders of the wolf and tiger have mouths that will open and close. The Twin Jiyan Fangs have their own range of motion and a opening/closing mouth like the shoulders. You can remove the shoulders and use them as fist weapons if you choose.

The backpack carries wings and a shield. The shield is pretty standard, while the wings can flex up and down. The part where the wings connect allow for a front and back pivoting of the wings as well. 

The Bad

My first thought is to tell you all about the stickers. Anyone who has been reading our review of this series knows my hatred for stickers. The Gundam Jiyan Altron has a bit less than 30 stickers with it. While they are annoying as all Bandai stickers, they are not the worst thing ever. A good chunk of them go on the Tiger shoulder piece alone. None the less, they are stickers, and Bandai should feel bad.

Panel lining is and absolute must on this kit. There is tons of small detail that is missed without it. 

The head of the Gundam Jiyan Altron is loose. Not so loose that it can’t hold itself up, but lose enough that once you have it posed you really don’t want to touch it. There is a good range of motion for it, allowing it to look directly over its side at a 90 degree angle. 

The kit does look to include a rifle from another wing runner, however there is no instructions on how to build it. 

The Gundam Jiyan Altron’s wing movement is somewhat blocked by the big shoulders depending on pose.


The Score

I really want to score this more than I’m going to, but it it still slightly lacking. While it does have gimmicks that are cool, they are simple. There is no transformation or minis, but it is a fun, simple kit and it looks outstanding. I’m giving the Gundam Jiyan Altron a score of 8/10, but ranking it higher that the 00 Diver (so 8.01/10 if you want to get really technical). The Gundam Jiyan Altron stays true to it’s predecessor and brings out the inner spirit animal in us!  

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  2. Seravee Gundam Scheherazade
  3. Age II Magnum
  4. Jiyan Altron
  5. 00 Diver
  6. Momokapool
  7. GN-X Ogre
  8. GM III Beam Master


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