Geek Blog – January 2nd

New Year New Geek…Sort of

Hello all! 2018 was an interesting year here for all of us. With 2019 now in full swing, we wanted to let you know some exciting stuff to expect from us here at GeekIsUs. Let us recap and go over a few things.

Last year we started the Geek Blog. It was originally intended to be a daily blog about new things announced and reviews. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay as a “daily blog”. So to pick it back up, I will be working on a two days a week schedule, Monday and Wednesday blogs. As things pick up and more events happen, I will try to add additional content and days. Please note that you may see additional blogs for extra events!

On that same note, something new that we would like to implement is a Geek Spotlight feature, where we interview different geeks and collectors for the blog. It could be a Gundam builder, a Funko Pop! collector, or a big fan of some other line that we carry here, so be on the look out as we may want to feature you one day!

As we move into 2019, you will notice different product lines made available to everyone. Please keep an eye out for new sections to include retro video games, Anirollz, Kotobukiya and more!

Newest Pre-Orders

There has been lots of pre-orders put up lately. Some more notable ones are from the Dragon Ball Z and Gundam lines. Be sure you check these out and secure yours today!

Below you will see the newest of pre-orders from Banpresto. This is a line that we have wanted to carry a bit more of, since they are high quality statues and a very reasonable price.

Upcoming Events

We’re excited to announce that we will have a booth set up at Chibi Chibi Con 2019! Please come out and support this great local event with other amazing local vendors! We will update once we get more info on booth location.

Also, if you are into Magic the Gathering, make sure you check out our friends over at Game On! and their new Midnight Pre-Release Pizza Party! Awesome prizes are to be had as well.

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