Geek Blog: July 23 Build Divers Momokapool Review

Gundam Build Divers 1/144 High Grade Momokapool Review

Welcome back Geeks! Today we’re going over the Build Divers Momokapool kit. I got to say, this kit is pretty Momocoocool! See what I did there? No…? Okay moving on!

The Good

Is gimmicks something you enjoy? Does the idea of getting 2 figures in 1 box tickle your fancy? Or how about super bright colors? If you said yes to any of these, the Build Divers Momokapool is for you! 

The Momokapool is designed to to be fun and that is exactly what it accomplishes. Its bright and vibrant color scheme scream out something that it wants to be noticed for what it is. A light sky blue, a bright yellow and white surround the black innards and frame to really make this kit pop out.

One of the Momokapools main gimmick is you can chose to have the armor open or closed. With it open, it reveals it’s inner chest and some what a “bow tie” looking thing around the neck. If you decide to close the chest, you can follow up by closing the head and removing the arms to make it form the “Ball Mode”, which is how it uses its spinning attack in the Build Divers Show.

There are also multiple eye choices for you to pick from if the standard doesn’t fit your style. 

The kit is fairly simple. Not in the same league as say the HG Leo, but simple enough for a new person to pick up and get into it. 

Lastly, the Petitkapool which is a smaller version of the Momokapool is also included. The Petitkapool is comprised of 7 different pieces (including its eye sticker) and can also pack itself. By that I mean you can take the arms and legs off of itself, and pack them inside its own body. Now why would you want to do that? Well, once you pack the Petitkapool, you can then pop it inside the Momokapool! It’s Kapool-ception! 

The Bad

The first problem I had with the Momokapool is that all of its other optional eyes are stickers. So once you put them on, if you ever want to change them you can never go back. The standard eyes are plastic that pop in like most eyes, but if you want any specials ones you will have to be very picky. This is the same for the Petitkapool as well.

Next, the kit has no weapons other than its claws. Which is exactly how it should be. However at one point in the series, the Momokapool fires beams from its finger tips. Having beam effects that replicated this would of been something rather unique.

During the build, some of the pieces may feel like they have to “float”, or rest there until you get to the next step to make the piece fit. It’s more of an annoyance than anything, but nothing to serious.

Lastly, When you go to Ball Mode, the legs don’t fold in or anything. Ultimatley you could take the legs off if you really wanted it to roll, but having a gimmick where the legs tucked or folded in would of been another great gimmick I felt the kit was lacking

The Score

Overall, I give the Build Divers Momokapool an 7.5/10. The kit is fun, cheeky, and easy to build. But there are a few things that I wish they would have included. The swapping of eye stickers is a big let down for me. The Petitkapool and the extended arms options help this kit claw above the GN-X Ogre but fall just a tad short of the 00 Diver. 

  1. Grimoire Red Beret
  2. Seravee Gundam Scheherazade
  3. Age II Magnum
  4. 00 Diver
  5. Momokapool
  6. GN-X Ogre
  7. GM III Beam Master

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