Geek Blog April 6 Sakura-Con 2018 and Super Shock Gundam

 Sakura-Con 2018 and Super Shock Gundam

Hello Geeks! It feels wonderful to be writing to you all again. Please excuse the absence there for a bit. We had a booth at Sakura-Con 2018 last weekend. It was a 4 day event (with set up) and by the time each day was done Geek couldn’t even form complete words! The event was great and we hope we can go again next year! Geek didn’t get too many pictures sadly, but so you have a tiny idea of what it was like, here you go!

Thank you to all of those who came out and supported us during the event!

But onto bigger and better things! Well….technically smaller things. You see, we just got the release info of the new Gundam Build Divers Super MiniPla Super Shock Gundam! This amazing piece is something refreshing and unique compared what we have been seeing lately. The Super Shock Gundam brings customization to a new level, so lets go over what you are getting with this.


The images above is the Super Shock Gundam Set. There are 5 pieces you will get in the set. Note that while it is possible to obtain each figure individually, we here at GeekIsUs and have decided to sell them together as one whole set.

The set includes the following;

Shock Gundam (for body)

Gundam (for right arm)

Char’s Zaku (for left arm)

Nu Gundam (for right leg)

Sazaby (for left leg)

But wait, there is more!

As you can see, each figure has a few customizable options for you to pick and choose from. Eventually if and when you decide to form them together, you have a good amount of choices for your preferred look!





But it doesn’t end there! Bandai has taken this series a step farther and has made these so that you are able to attach to other 1/144 High Grade GunPla as well!

Now,I know the set is a MiniPla, but judging from the above picture, I would say they are not as small as you would imagine.

Geek is stoked for this. It allows for rediculously awesome combinations and never ending fun. Geek hopes that they come out with other figures as well later. Just keep them away from P-Bandai, we want to collect them all!

What is your favorite figure in the line? Do you already have some ideas of what you would do with these? What other figures would you like to see them come out with? Let us know in the comments section below!


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