Geek Blog March 28 New Gundam Build Divers Wave 2

Gundam Build Divers Wave 2

Good evening Geeks! I apologize for the late entry tonight. With our upcoming booth at Sakura-Con in Seattle this weekend we have been pretty busy making preparations. But that is no reason why we can’t share you some of the latest and greatest news we have received! Let’s go over the new Gundam Build Divers wave 2 that was announced!

A few new kits were announced to us for pre-order. Most of them from the new Gundam Build Divers line. There are also 2 additional colors of the HaroPla, and of course, that fantastic looking Fumina Hoshino Figure-Rise kit! That leaves me to question why it is a Figure-Rise kit and not just a normal 1/144 High Grade? There may be some additional parts or gimmicks that have yet to be revealed, making it part of the seperate line.

Regardless, Geek is excited for a few of these. The main one being the 1/144 HG Geara-Chiraga. First of all…the name it self just sounds bad ass. Next, it kind of reminds me if Epyon and Evangelion got together and had a mecha-baby. The blue on it is nice, but I think a black and purple mix would of made this kit simply irresistible.

The other kit Geek is most excited for is that Blue Haro! Why? Because he is going to add some white and black on there and make it GeekIsUs colors 😉

The last piece I’ll touch up is the new Spinning Blaster weapons kit. The concept is pretty cool, and allows for a great amount of customization. What I would like to see is more weapons being able to be added on to this base system. Different barrels, swords, beam sabers, even rocket launchers. I think having multiple weapons that could easily be swapped on one system is something we could all enjoy!

Don’t just take my word for it though. Click on the images below and Dive (get it…dive?) further into these new and exciting Gundam Build Divers kits!

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