Geek Blog – February 13th

Greetings Geeks! Hope you all are staying warm and dry this week. I was unable to do a Geek Blog on Monday due to weather and closing early, so might put a little bit extra into this one. Let’s get into it!

As far as new products, there hasn’t been a lot announced this week. My guess is with New York Toy Fair right around the corner, most companies are holding till then to do some new releases. None the less, we still have epic stuff for you to pre-order before its to late! Just to name a few;

Next up, for those of you interested in our retro video games, the XBox games have began going up on the site. Not all are up yet so we ask for your continued patience while we work on this area. If you are looking for a specific game you can always contact us and ask what we have it in stock as well!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day so of course we had to put out a coupon for you all. The coupon is Buy 1 Get 1 20% Off Same Category. For example, if Hyperlink buys a plush toy, he can then get a 2nd plush toy for 20% off. This works both ways. If you have a special someone, you both can share a gift with each other. But if you are playing solo queue tomorrow, than you get to dual wield both gifts for yourself!

Now, the weather the past week has been a bit troublesome here in the great state of Washington. Because of this, the beloved event Chibi Chibi Con has been rescheduled to APRIL 6th. We are still attending as a booth there, and hope that with better weather conditions we will see all of you and more there!

Lastly, a few updates in my personal video gaming life. I have continued on my quest with Kingdom Hearts 3 and completed the Tangled world. While I would’t say it was better as Toy Box, it had some interesting factors.

In short, the story revolves around a princess who has been held in a tower her whole life. She gets a shot at freedom when a thief stumbles upon her. The thief agrees to take her to see a festival in exchange for his possessions. You end up escorting the pair through the jungle to the town.

The part that really stuck out to me was the thought process put behind this scenario. Here you have a 18 year old who has never been outside. You are walking her through a jungle. She wants to stop and interact with everything. You may have to use magic to make flowers blow in the wind, or walk very slowly to get birds to follow you to bring back to her. Or splash her in a small lake. During your journey, you stop to do all these things that someone has never done before. You can continue on without doing them, but if you choose so, the princess lets out a verbal queue of sadness. The events are cheesy and do absolutely nothing but character building. But it is that exact character building that makes me stop and think “way to go dev team”.

Also, Final Fantasy XIV dropped patch 4.55 which means you know it…Relic grinding! The last installment of the Eureka land, Hydratos has opened up. I was able to get a couple hours in last night with my Relic partner. We discovered maybe the first 1/20th of the map before we hunkered down and began smacking the same mobs over and over again, while hitting up a couple FATE’s as well. This will be a a long process that will require numerous hours at our play rate, none the less it is a feat we will accomplish and be rewarded handsomely for it. For all intents and purposes, here is an updated screen shot of my character.

Do you have plans with a significant other or are you playing the solo game this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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