Geek Blog – February 6th

Hello Geeks! Congratulations on making it to the half way point of the week. Only a few more days stand between you and weekend salvation. Fear not though, we got just the medicine you need to help you power through your remaining days.

First off….I just want to take a moment for how excited I am for this item. It has been rumored for a while and has just now been announced. The newest addition to the Funko Pop Pokemon line is none other than number 001 (Pokedex), Bulbasaur!

This adorable plant Pokemon is one of the original 3 starters you could choose from, next to Charmander and Squirttle. This makes the 2nd newest Pokemon that Funko has produced other than the standard size and 10 inch size Target exclusive Pikachus. The description from Funko stated they would be releasing others during new seasons. My guess is that we can expect a Charmander for the summer and a Squirttle for fall/winter.

If giant robots is more of your thing, don’t worry we still got you covered. Flame Toys announced their new Thunder Cracker Model Kit. This kit features a Starscream like build with a new color variation. There are various moveable joints and many poses it can be placed in.

Now, in my personal world. I’m a big fan of the game Final Fantasy 14. It’s an online version of the series featuring questing, classes, raids, PvP and so on. Its 5th installment of the series, “Shadowbringers” dropped for pre-order today. With the story of Stormblood coming to a wrap soon, I’m excited to see what adventures await the Warrior of Light, soon to be Warrior of Darkness.

Kennen Malestrom – Hyperion

On the talk of video games, no updates today for Kingdom Hearts 3. I might of been playing some FF14 to catch up on some things before the new patch drops next week. I can assure you though that by next Geek Blog, I will have an update of views and progression for you.

Last but not least, we are waiting for word for Chibi Chibi Con. As of right now, the event is still a go and nothing has been changed. But with the upcoming weather, talks of a later start or even a rescheduled have been mentioned. We will keep everyone updated via our social media platforms once we find out more. Regardless, we are still excited for the event and hope to see all of you there.

Is there a Pokemon Funko Pop you would like to see? Or are you also a fan of FF14? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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