Weekly Wrap Up Febuary 16th

Geeks! Welcome to another Weekly Wrap Up with us! There is sooo much to discuss this week. We have talk a bit about Chibi Chibi Con 2018, new Gundam Build Divers Kits that were announced, new goodies from Overwatch and a new Dragon Ball Z figure to add to the line up!

Before we begin,  we do want to apologize for no post last week. We had a booth at Chibi Chibi Con 2018 and had a blast as always! This even is always filled with great things such as cosplay and cosplay contest, a maid cafe, lip sync contest, and even a dance at the end of the night!  If you are in the area and have never been to Chibi Chibi Con, make sure you make plans to go next year!


Weekly Wrap Up

GeekIsUs Booth at Chibi Chibi Con 2018


Moving on, lots and lots of news for all you Gundam fans! With the release of the new upcoming series, Gundam Build Divers, there are lots of new kits as well! Most of them are High Grades, but give it some time and I’m sure we will see a few Master Grades in the near future. But here is the list of pre-orders that are ready now!










Whew! Quite a bit of new stuff we know, but none the less it’s still amazing!

Moving along, we switch gears to Overwatch.

2 products hit out shelf this week, and we were stoked! The first, an Overwatch Loot Crate Cookie Jar. That way when you don’t get the skin you want in game, you can feel better by still getting a cookie!

**Please note you can use this jar for whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be cookies!

Next, this one is got to be Geeks favorite for the year. The Overwatch Mercy Nendoroid came in this week!

Also, if you want a more in depth description of it, check out the product review and unboxing we did!

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Dragon Ball Z fans, we didn’t forget about you! The Frieza S.H. Figuarts is now up for pre-order as well!

Funko announced about 200 items this past week while at the New York Toy Fair. Once we get our confirmations, we will have them up, so fear not! Please look forward to these with the coming up week.


That about wraps up this week. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and leave a comment with what you are most excited about!


As always, have a fun and safe weekend.

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