Geek Leak March 12: Gundam Seed 1/60 Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame Kai

Geek Leak March 12: Astray Red Frame Kai

Gundam Seed: 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai – P Bandai

   Hello geeks and welcome to Geek Leak! Today we will be going over Bandai’s newest addition to their Perfect Grade line, the quite beautiful and simply astonishing 1/60 Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame Kai. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “oh boy another Red Frame that has the sword on the left instead of the right, whoohoo”. Well…yes and no. What if I told you this particular package has 3 swords?! But that is just the beginning.

   At first glance the Astray Red Frame Kai shows off some extra colors thrown into it thanks to the new Tactical Arms II pack included. Yes, you read me right, included. Not Third Party or hard to find P-Bandai, but included! The Tactical Arms II pack has 5 forms you can change it to depending on your needs or wants. But lets be honest, you’re going to put in in the bow form. Astray Red Frame Kai sports a green LED piece to illuminate the eyes, but the battery is sold separately (go figure). Also included are both the “Gerbera Straight” and “Tiger Pierce” swords for a total of 3 swords!

   The only downside to this kit that I can determine is that it will not come with it’s standard rifle and shield. Seeing as how you get so much more from the Tactical Arms II pack, I see why they were not included.

   I know Hyperlink is excited to get his hands and clippers on this kit, so hopefully shortly after release we can have one posed up in the shop! ….With the bow form of course!

    Also please note that this is a P-Bandai kit that will be receiving a North American release. However, reproduction after the first wave is unlikely, so you will want to secure yours sooner rather than later.