Sega Genesis: Chuck Rock II – Son of Chuck


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Used Sega Genesis: Chuck Rock II – Son of Chuck. Tested for functionality

When Chuck Rock is kidnapped, there’s only one person brave enough and nasty enough to rescue him his six-month-old son. In Chuck Rock II – Son of Chuck, you assume the role of the bratty infant as he heads into the brutal prehistoric world in search of his missing father. Even though you’ve only got one tooth, you’re still pretty dangerous; especially with your powerful club. As you work your way through six worlds, and four bonus games, you’ll come across all kinds of friends and foes. You’ll meet Geoff the Strongman, Vinny Venus Flytrap, and Bird Reynolds, to name a few. With fun gameplay, entertaining graphics, and plenty of prehistoric pandemonium, Chuck Rock II – Son of Chuck is worth your while. Pick up your copy of Chuck Rock II – Son of Chuck today! Lastly, be sure to check out our other Sega Genesis and video game sections as well!

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