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Used copy of Test Drive 4 for Playstation. Tested for functionality.

Test Drive 4 offers 14 supercars and muscle cars, and tasks the player with beating computer opponents in tracks set in five real life locales: Keswick, England, San Francisco, Bern, Switzerland, Kyoto, and Washington, D.C.; the Windows version adds a sixth location: Munich. The game’s tracks are long courses with rural roads and urban streets, and commonly feature traffic and short corners. The player has to arrive at each checkpoint (a banner with text such as “Stage 1” or “Stage 2”) before the Checkpoint Timer expires, resulting in additional time, and crossing the finish line is required to complete the race. The police car can chase and stop a player who exceeds the speed limit; to counter this, the player either stops in front of the police car or outruns it. Only a few vehicles are available to the player from the outset, with the rest needing to be won or purchased as the game progresses..

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