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Used Copy of Outlaw Tennis for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality.

There are two Match Types Available in this mode, Singles (1 vs 1) or Canadian Doubles (1 vs 2). When Advantage is turned on at deuce (40-40), one player has to win the game. The player who wins the next point takes the game. If Win by 2 Games is turned on, at 5-5, the player must then win by two games, however at 6-6, a tiebreak is played to determine who wins the set. The tiebreak rules are the first player to reach seven points win the tiebreak and set, at 6 points all, the player who wins two consecutive points wins the tiebreak and the set. The Games per set option allows the player to choose the number of games to win a set. The minimum is two games and the maximum is 6. Sets per Match determines how many sets are in the match. As with typical tennis, you can play either 1, 3, or 5 sets. A1 difficulty determines the hardness of the game. The default level is Pro, however the player can set the level at Amateur for newer players or Veteran for the hot shot big time tennis players. When Time Bombs are turned on every 5 seconds or so whomever last hit the ball will get blown up with the time bomb. Whenever you see smoke you need to get the ball back on the other side of the court before you get blown away. Team Match Timer when turned on, is much like a chess clock whereas once you hit the ball the time stops but when your opponent returns the shot, it begins again. You can also turn on the Match Timer. Whoever is in the lead when time runs up wins. Challenges are set by the empire, Heavy G. When turned on at the beginning of the match, Heavy G will present a challenge which ever play wins the challenge first receives 30-seconds of unlimited turbo. The Outlaw Blockers is a malicious square of digital fiberglass that slides back and forth along the net. Known as the great equalizer, you can try to avoid it, you can try timing it, but it WILL get you in the end. You can also turn Weather on or off. When turned on there’s a chance for rain or snow.

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