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Used Copy of MX Unleashed for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality. Case and manual included.

The sharp controls allow for the players to weave around obstructions in the course as well as the other computer controlled riders. The turns are very tight and the responsiveness of the controls allow the player to do as many tricks as possible before landing after a jump. To gain more height on the jumps to do more tricks, the player can make the bike rider push back on the shocks at the bottom of a hill and release them at the top to create a springboard like effect, and go to heights unattainable without doing so. Your speed, bike angle, and the way your biker is positioned on the bike all contribute to the way your bike responds to the ground it is driving over. In the story mode the player must place in the top three to unlock another race. If you do not make the top three, there is no penalty and you may restart another game to move on to the next track. The freestyle mode is much different. There are a variety of challenges one has to complete in order to unlock more challenges, and move on to another freestyle map. The challenges include a series of targets that your bike has to land on after every jump, a timed freestyle measured by the number of points one scores in the time frame, a race against a vehicle that is not a dirt bike, and a contest in which the player must hit ten targets after jumps before the other seven racers. After you have beaten one of these challenges, then the player unlocks the harder version of the challenge. Finally, once one reaches the requirement for the challenges, then you unlock the next stage to do those challenges.

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