Playstation 2: Men In Black II Alien Escape


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Used Copy of Men In Black II Alien Escape for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality.

Based on the characters from the hit movie that wow-wed fans this summer with, the dapper boys in black are back with this frantic alien blast-fest from in Men In Black II Alien Escape . Equipped with an arsenal of super-powered ammo as well as their trademark black suits, ties and shoes, it’s up to agents Jay and Kay to save the earth from the most trashy, scum-ridden aliens in the universe. A fun, fast-paced shooting game, MIB2 lets you wield stylish and extreme weapons such as the Carbonizer while fighting off perps like the Shark guy and Jarra. Enlist the aid of Zed while you’re cleaning up the planet in dozens of highly detailed, lush New York locations.

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