Playstation 2: Godai Elemental Force


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Used Playstation 2: Godai Elemental Force. Tested for functionality. Case and manual included.

The player controls a ninja named Hiro, who starts play unarmed but can collect a variety of weapons throughout the game. These include blades such as swords and knives, spears and axes; all of which can be used to execute combo attacks. Larger weapons such as polearms have a longer reach, allowing Hiro to attack enemies without getting too close. Two weapons that the player has previously collected can be taken into each subsequent mission, more appear throughout the missions themselves, allowing Hiro to increase the amount of weapons he is carrying. Ranged weapons including shurikens and smoke bombs, and several types of ranged magical attacks like fireballs, can also be employed in tandem with close-quarters weapons. Pick up your copy of Godai Elemental Force today. Lastly, be sure to check out our other Playstation 2 and Video Game sections as well!

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