Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Red Edition


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Actions have consequences from one game to the next as you strive to avert global disaster in this stand-alone epic twist on Pandemic. Red and Blue Editions have variant covers; game contents are the same. It starts simply. A virus tougher than the rest. Nothing your team can’t handle. But as January turns to February, things take a turn for the worse. This is no ordinary virus. What results is a year that will never be forgotten. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a unique and epic cooperative game where your decisions in one game carry over into future games. Over the course of the campaign, you will open sealed packets, reveal hidden information, and unlock secrets that will change your world in unexpected ways. Characters will gain scars, cities will panic, and diseases will mutate. Adapt to each new challenge and save humanity before it’s too late. The world will never be the same again. The world is on the brink of collapse. The coming year in Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 will determine the fate of humanity. Gather your team and prepare for a campaign full of epic twists and evolving gameplay. There are many paths to follow. No two worlds will ever be alike!

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