Mr. Metallic Color GX Metal Red GX202


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GSI Creos and Mr. Color bring you Mr. Metallic Color GX Metal Red GX202.

Mr.Color GX hobby paints improve on the qualities of Mr.Color hobby paint and take them to the next level. They feature quick drying and a harder coating when dry.
Mr.Color GX paints feature brighter color development, greater covering power and dry to a smoother finish than regular Mr.Color hobby paints. These features have been realized without using the use of toluene.
Mr.Color GX paints can be mixed with standard Mr.Color paints currently on the market, and use Mr.Color Thinner, Mr.Rapid Thinner or Mr.Levelling Thinner for paint dilution or cleaning of paint brushes and airbrushes.

Order your Mr. Metallic Color GX Metal Red GX202 today!

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