Gundam Universal Century: 1/100 Master Grade EX Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka


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Bandai brings you the 1/100 Master Grade EX Unicorn Gundam! The first installment in this series features the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam which pursues the limits of luminous gimmicks and combines different materials such as Flexible LED Sheets to recreate pristine Psycho-Frame expressions. The armor and frame have multi-layered structures that result in intricate and detailed results as well as the glowing and color-changing effects of the Psycho-Frame, while its transformation gimmick has been recreated in 1/100 scale. Enjoy the effects of the frame created through the multi-layered structures, complex edges, and depth made through clear and translucent parts colors.

  • Various Armaments and New Marking Designs
  • Transformation Gimmick between Destroy Mode and Unicorn Mode
  • Glowing Psycho-Frame
  • Shield Funnel Light-up Effects

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