Game Boy Advance: NFL Blitz 20-02


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Used copy of NFL Blitz 20-02 for Game Boy Advance. Tested for functionality.

It’s part of Midway’s arcade style sports series. It features more than 1,500 new animations than it’s predecessor and has received critical praise for “pure arcade fun”.


Quickplay is a one game match between you and the computer or a friend(s).


This game mode allows you to enter a name and pin number(for codes), then challenge all 31 NFL teams with complete stat tracking and full gameplay custimization with 1 to 4 players.


In this mode, you select a team and play a full NFL season and stats and standings are all saved as you play all the way to Super Bowl.


In Tournament Mode, you and your friends can play a tournament with 4 to 8 teams depending on how many people want to play.

Pick up your copy of NFL Blitz 20-02 today. Lastly, be sure to check out our other Game Boy Advance and Video Game sections as well!


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