30 Minutes Sisters SIS-T00 Laranel Color B


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Bandai Spirits introduces the 30 Minutes Sisters SIS-T00 Laranel Color B!

30 Minutes Sisters is Bandai’s first original girl themed plastic model brand. Firstly, like the 30 Minutes Missions line, the 30 Minutes Sisters offers an easy assembly experience of high-quality character models. The fun is behind the creation and customization of your very own character. This line up will feature base bodies, hairstyles, faces,  weapons and armors for countless customization and posing options! Each section has its own assembly process. This allows the runners used for each section to be thrown out after they are built. Letting go of the hassle to find parts makes for a more efficient assembly. Furthermore, parts from the 30 Minutes Missions line will work with 30 Minutes Sisters!

Order your 30 Minutes Sisters SIS-T00 Laranel Color B today! Lastly, be sure to check out our other 30 Minutes Sisters and Gundam sections as well!

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