Former Batman Comic Writers Take A Walk On The Dark Side

Even with the world in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, it keeps on keeping on—much like the comic books we love to read.  New stories are waiting to be told, and the characters are waiting to be shown.

This brings us to Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Tony S. Daniel—who are starting a new horror comic series that of which has undertones of Ice Road Truckers with a smattering (excuse the pun) of Pitch Black-Nocturnal.

With the plotline set in a future dystopian society, the world has been covered in perpetual darkness by an unknown force, which, as a result, is slowly turning the residents into monsters.

The main character, Valentina “Val” Riggs, is a ferryman who is charged with transporting those members of the populace who are not affected to special bunkers.  The bunkers are equipped with perpetual light that acts to keep the transformation of nightmarish proportions at bay.

This newest venture sees the duo taken off their usual path of stuff of superheroes, and head-on into a somewhat dark-toned world that presents elements of both science fiction and dark fantasy.  Every moment in the storyline is a fight for the very survival of the characters.

The creators of the comic have started a Kickstarter page in the hopes of getting this new series off the ground.  In a statement on the official Kickstarter for their latest project, the duo plans to have Image produce the comic.  They have chosen to launch a public fundraiser in the hopes of raising enough to cover any costs on their end.

Those who contribute will receive a “Collector’s Edition” 72-page exclusive of the comic, that is available only through the fundraiser, and contains a full script.  There will also be behind the scenes notes, and exclusive black and white concept art included as well.

Snyder made it a point to comment that he would be receiving no profit from any contributions raised in the Kickstarter fundraiser.  He says he just wants to make sure that any costs towards the production of the comic are met.

He also stated that the comic series would be co-published with Best Jacket Press, Snyder’s new company.  Best Jack Press is a portmanteau, or smash-up if you will, of his two sons names—Jack and Emmett.

The goal of the Kickstarter page, according to Snyder, is to raise the amount of 40 thousand dollars, which will permit the securing of the creative team that will be required for future arcs—three of which are planned.  The campaign has already officially raised a whopping $91,000.

Although we will still have to wait sometime before we can read the adventures of Val, from the looks of it by the Kickstarter donations, the comic may already have somewhat of a large fan base before the first issue has even been released. 

Make sure to mark your calendars, as Nocturnal is slated for an official release date, by Image Comic, sometime in 2021.