Xbox Series X Is Slow To Install Games

Those gamers who are lucky enough to have gotten their hands on the next-gen console Xbox Series X do not report the most flattering of news.  It appears after initial use, the new console seems to take just a long as its predecessor, the Xbox one, did to download and store games.

In the gaming arena, Microsoft’s newest offering, Xbox Series X, is slated for next month’s release.  Its smaller counterpart, the Xbox Series S, is scheduled to release at the same time.  Gamers and fans are doing their research as they gear up to choose between the Xbox consoles or their competitor from Sony of the PlayStation 5.

Both Microsoft and Sony have been upping the ante with their aggression in pushing their respective systems.  According to recent rumors and speculation, it would appear that the Xbox is currently keeping the lead.  In fact, an expert analyst has gone so far as to predict that the Xbox Series X will outsell the PS5 by twice as much in the months after their release.

With the official release dates for the next-gen consoles growing closer and closer, the manufacturers have been offering more and more reporters and critics some serious hands-on time.  A lot of information about the systems has come out of these early feedback sessions, which has given gamers and prospective buyers a little better idea of the system’s features.

For instance, some of those who have had a chance to be in the same room and use the Series X console have reported that there seems to be a problem of seriously overheating.  With this said, one of the testers reported that they had used a thermometer and states that the next-gen console is running much cooler than the Xbox One did.  Considering that speculation and rumors are not always the most reliable of information, it does aid in giving gamers an idea of what they can expect from the newest consoles.

GamesRadar+ got its hands on a console and took to Twitter to share their personal experience when using the Series X console, and unfortunately, the news isn’t the best for gamers.  The gaming website announced that after testing the console, they found the Xbox Series X takes just as long when it comes to the system downloading from a disc to the system—much the same as its predecessor—Xbox One. 

Specifically, the test team attempted installing Titanfall2 and found that the game took a full 35 minutes to download completely.  This severe lag in download time was followed by an update of 30GB that only proved to bog and slow things down even that much more.

Even with this said, there are still many reasons to get excited about the Xbox Series X.  With the constant evolution of gaming, Microsoft has promised that big things are yet to come.  However, it is sad for gamers that Xbox Series X just can’t deliver any of those anticipated big things now with its creation.