Xbox Game Pass Doesn’t Require Gamers To Provide A Controller

Word has come that Xbox has offered even more games that will work on devices with touch controls.  Microsoft is reportedly adding support to ten more games that already exist as titles at Xbox Game Pass.

The service was officially launched in September by Microsoft after going through several months of beta testing.  These newest additions bring the current total of an estimated 150 games offered on Android devices via the game streaming xCloud.  Those gamers whose Game Pass Ultimate subscription is currently active have full access to an extensive library at no additional cost.

While the game streaming xCloud stood pat on requiring gamers to make use of a controller from Xbox or some other type of accessory in the past, it seems that is not always the case now.  The fact is that previously Microsoft had tested several touch controls with the game Minecraft Dungeons early in the beginning of the month of October.

This move allowed gamers who wanted to play the game without using the once required type of controller to do so.  There is also the added convenience that gamers can customize their controls by changing either the size or the position of the various elements.  Those gamers who tested the change praised it widely, stating it was an intuitive solution for those gamers using their Xbox Game Pass on their mobile devices.

Now, Microsoft has made even more Xbox games available and can be played using the touch controls on mobile devices.  This support has recently been added to those games such as Dead Cells, Tell Me Why, and Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice.  A total of ten new titles have been added that can be played sans a controller, with the full list being available on Microsoft’s Twitter page.

A blog post written by the tech giant offered details explaining the feature and how the tech team worked to design the controls, which were done individually for each game.  By making the feature game-specific, the tech team ensured that the perfect working of the button layout and interface for each individual game.

With the Xbox Series X/S consoles launch just mere weeks away, Microsoft is shifting much of its focus to that of Xbox Game Pass.  It would appear that the company’s move would not only be an essential tool, but one of the most important features in regards to the brand’s expansion.  When Microsoft moved its Xbox Game Pass onto mobile devices, it also chose to add a select number of high-profile titles to its existing library.

In the overall scheme of things, Microsoft’s decision to add touch controls to even more of its games on the Xbox Game Pass makes good business sense.  With the tech giant planning to expand their service and take in more platforms eventually, the move to make the titles play easier on mobile devices without a controller’s requirement will undoubtedly entice even more gamers to try the service and its games out.