Xbox App Offers Pre-Download Of Games Without Ownership

A recently released app update to XBOX makes it possible for players to pre-download games on Xbox without initially owning them.  This improvement will more than add quality of life to gamers everywhere.  Not to mention that Microsoft will undoubtedly have the upper hand with their next-gen upcoming console releases.

In what many are terming a surprising step by the company, Microsoft has closed one of, if not the biggest, deals in the entire history of the gaming industry.  Microsoft reportedly purchased ZeniMax Media, including all of its development assets, for a cool $7.5 billion.  The purchases will significantly beef-up the in-house portfolio of Xbox when considering all the future and current projects pursued by Bethesda and other studios.

This purchase may be an indication that such games as The Elder Scrolls VI, any future Fallout games, the sequels to DOOM Eternal, and many more may no longer be available to purchase and play on PlayStation 5—and instead could release exclusively to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S as well as PC.

Regarding the Xbox Series next-gen console, the big studio purchases aren’t the only changes that are much-needed for Microsoft to offer its game players.  Currently, in beta form, the new app for Xbox was just presented as an update across mobile devices and offered a whole host of new addition and features.

The announcement of information about the official update release is somewhat intriguing.  However, one improvement is rather weird in that it was not included in the official report.  That being that Xbox users are now afforded the ability to pre-download any game currently available in the Xbox Store, onto their console, without any proof of purchase regarding digital ownership.

This new feature has already been tested and tried, and according to ResetEra, users as working as intended and perfectly.  While this offers gamers a unique opportunity, the most significant benefit is the ease for those gamers who prefer to purchase physical copies of their Xbox games.  They now have the ability to begin enjoying the game of their choice, right away, after making a purchase or a rental without a DRM check.

This is a handy expansion to the Xbox App’s and Microsoft Store’s existing pre-install digital feature, which has already been allowing gamers to start enjoying their favorite titles upon starting their console, rather than having to wait for any extensive download times.   This improvement is more than significant, and is one that is hard to overestimate.

This newest mobile app update is touted as offering a more robust experience, as it was developed from scratch.  It is expected to match the upcoming Xbox Series X by providing a higher ecosystem Xbox experience.  In itself, the next-gen console is expected to present as one absolute beast of gaming machinery, coming equipped with an eight-core 3.8GHz AMD CPU, along with a 12 teraflops-powered GPU.  Plus, now this massively impressive group of hardware is coupled with appropriate mobile software.