Weekly Wrap-Up January 26

Hello again Geeks! Hope your weekend was well and now you can enjoy the weekend off! This week has been a bit of a crazy one for releases, but we will guide you to some goodies floating around. Funko revealed there latest at the London Toy Fair, and we’re extremely happy they did…for this.


The set also includes Mercy, Zenyatta, Zarya, Sombra, Junkrat, and Roadhog who will be a Super Szied 6-Inch figure. Click the link above to see them as a set, or we have them as individuals as well!

Finally, a Mercy Pop! Geek is most excited for this.

Speaking of Mercy, there has been word going around that there will be a Mercy Chase Pop! that glows in the dark. Our inquiry about this with our Funko rep pointed more towards the No side, but sometimes with Funko you never know. For now though, we would recommend not to get your hopes up.

But wait, there is more! Following up is the new Ouran High School Host Club Funko Pops!



Now, we know it has been a while since we have seen Master Chief around. But fear not, him and his trusty AI Cortana and the squad (good and bad) is here to save to world!


Now lets downsize a bit, to even smaller than Funko Pops. I’m talking about Mystery Minis! These awesome Pop! like figures come in a blind box, making them fun to trade and collect with others. The first we have is none other than Sailor Moon and her friends!

Following the Sailor Scouts comes the new Rick and Morty set!


Next, our Gundam Build Nights are in full swing and going awesome! We have new people and seasoned builders joining every week. Also, our big build night and meet up with Washington State Gunpla is this Sunday (1/28/18) as well and we’re stoked. Admissions is free, and you are welcome to bring any kit you would like or get one from us.


Also, don’t forget about the sweet giveaway we have going on! You have until 1/27/18 to sign up, so make sure you follow the steps on the video for you chance to win an epic Ghost Rider Rides Glow in the Dark Pop!


As always, have a fun and safe weekend.

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