Specs On X-Box Series S Leaked

According to specs leaked of the new Xbox Series S, the new console will not have a disc drive meaning it will be a digital-only gaming console.  It has also been rumored that the Series S may be a much less powerful version of the Xbox Series X.  However, Microsoft has not officially confirmed or denied the leaked specs or the rumors.

Leaks previous to the most current one seems to confirm that the Series S is legitimate.  The leak just recently to this last one, which features a white packaging of the Series S, claims that the controller is compatible with both the Series S and the Series X consoles.

The leak appeared somewhat credible as the photos showed a white Series X console, in addition to its packaging.  The photos also gave a close-up view of the Series X, making special note of the fact that this console version did indeed have a disc drive.

According to the reported leak from Tweak Town, the Series S appears to be a somewhat less powerful console, which means it will probably be a much cheaper option for those gamers who find that they must maintain a tighter budget.

The leaked specs also allegedly claimed that the Series S, as mentioned before, comes sans a disc drive.  This will mean that players will not have the option of playing physical game copies on the newest console.  However, they will be able to play any of the digital games that they have or will have purchased on Xbox One.

Tweak Town made sure to emphasize that none of the Series S specs have as of yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but are, in fact, based on information that has been gathered over the course of time.

Although Microsoft has yet to make any type of official announcement, the variety of leaks are almost enough to confirm the console’s existence.  Many may remember in the past that Xbox One had its own model that proved budget-friendly, that being the Xbox One S, so it would only stand to reason that Microsoft would choose to continue a trend that had proven successful for them.

Even though Xbox One did offer the option to users that allowed them to play physical versions of their favorite games on consoles in the past, at the same time, gamers should realize they will not have that same choice, or freedom, with the new Series S.

In reality, it will probably not matter much to gamers if the Series S does have a disc drive offered, or not, as the recent trend towards Xbox is that of its subscription service, Game Pass.  Those who are users of the Game Pass service that are more than likely to be fine with the Series S, as the leaked specs shows it to be a pretty decent gaming console.

Keep in mind that those individual’s who are more fond of physical game copies will want to consider the Series X for their console choice.  That is if they’re going to have their games put to use, and not just on the shelf collecting dust.  Whichever the decision is, from the looks of what has been leaked so far, there will be plenty of opinions and comments when the consoles are released.