Sony Issues Apology For Pre-Order Fiasco

Sony has issued an apology in reference to the chaos that not only resulted in the crashing of websites but also for the disappointment that its fans are feeling.

It seemed when the preorders went live for their upcoming release of their PS5, complete and total chaos ensued.  As a result, Sony has assured gamers that more consoles will be made available in the coming days and weeks.

The chaos was tantamount to an all-out bottleneck of horrendous proportions.  However, the tech company has promised it will make amends in the issuing of what appeared to be a sincere, if not somewhat vague, apology.

Sony had finally announced the release date, as well as the price, on September 16th, for both of its upcoming next-gen consoles.  They also stated at the event that preorders were slated to begin the next day.

It seemed that either some wires got crossed or information misrepresented, as some of the console retailers starting allowing the preorders to begin on the afternoon of the event, not the next day, as indicated by Sony.

Websites became victims of a deluge of preorder purchases of the consoles, as fans and gamers began to discover them.  This resulted in websites of such retailers as Walmart and GameStop to crash over the following few days, due to not being able to handle the significant increase in traffic.

Three days after the fiasco, Sony took to its Twitter account, and taking ownership of the total lack of management of the preorders of their PS5, issued the apology:

“Let’s be honest:  PS5 preorder could have been a lot smoother.  We truly apologize for that.”

Although Sony has decided to leave it up to the individual retailers as to what essential details to share, the tech company has claimed that it will be releasing more PS5 consoles in order to cover the preorder demand.

Sony also made the statement that more of its PS5 consoles would be “available through the end of the year.”  Many gamers feel that this is all good and fine, but does nothing to assure that they will get their consoles on launch day, November 12th, as they had originally thought.

Microsoft came out of the gates, jumping at the chance to take a jab or two at Sony.  Microsoft even took the initiative to offer specifics on both the preorder times and locations of its own recently revealed Xbox Series S/X.  Although Sony did step up and make the apology, it does appear that they are not doing much else in preparation for the upcoming wave of preorders, it will undoubtedly be inundated with.

Many will agree that looking at the line-up of impressive titles that the PS5 has coming, that is about the only impressive thing they have going.  And, there is also the fact that there had been other games announced during the showcase that made the claim that they would eventually make their way to PC and other console platforms, that were in actuality, titles exclusive to PS5.