Resident Evil First Time Player

Since I can remember I have always considered myself a gamer.  Most of my experience relating to real time strategy games such as Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Command and Conquer.  I did dab a little into first person shooter games like Delta Force and the early Call of Duty games, but through the years I never once played any of the Resident Evil games. How this happened I have no idea!  However, with all the hype out about Resident Evil VII (BioHazard)  could not stay away any longer.  I broke down and spent the $60 to begin my first journey into the world of Resident Evil.

 I was informed by my friend, who had already played, that I needed to have a stack of underwear by the couch because I would more than likely relieve myself many times.  I took their advice and through it in the garbage.  Not because I did not believe them but because, well…. I am cheap.  I mean I just bankrupted myself by spending $60 on a video game.  So naturally I instead just put a blanket down and hit start game.  Oh, and in case you were wondering towels are like $5 compared to awful price of like $15 for a pack of underwear.

Okay! Now that you are fully informed with that important information, I can move on to my experience.  It literally took 30 seconds into game play before the first accident almost happened.  You are just walking down a trail, and oh no big deal but some random person walks into a hillside.  It is freaking daylight out! Common sense told me to ride the nope train and turn the game off but my frugal side reminded about the small fortune that was spent on the game.  (Do not worry I will not give a step by step account of the game! Nobody got time for that) There were many occurrences throughout the game where I almost relieved myself but the one that really caused a mess was right before the fight with Marguerite. I cannot imagine playing this gaming in VR.

This game terrified me in ways I haven’t been terrified since my playthrough of Doom 3.  Yes, I do mean Doom 3, not the new Doom.  The new Doom just did not have the scare factor the old one did.

While being constantly terrorized was fun, what really kept me playing were the mysteries.  Throughout the entirety of the game you are constantly figuring out how to escape from rooms, get the most out of limited resources, and look for important clues.  This really surprised me; I had no idea the Resident Evil games were like this.  I always assumed they were like Call of Duty where you just killed a bunch.   

The game’s bosses reinforced the mystery concept as well.  You didn’t just run around and use up all your ammo.  You had to figure out the weaknesses and take advantage of your environment.  My one complaint about the game is the final boss.  It was very anticlimactic.  All the bosses required strategy, but the final boss died with just three bombs and a random gun laying on the ground.  Seriously?  For how epic and fun the game was I sat there during the final boss saying okay now here is where it will get difficult.  It did not though.  Next thing I knew I was on a helicopter, and the credits were rolling.  

Despite this, I had a blast throughout all 12 hours of gameplay it took me to finish playing. (Yes, it took me 12 hours. Please keep your laughs to yourself)

To conclude, I would recommend purchasing the game and I probably should have listened to my friend and spent the extra money on packs of new underwear. Needless to say, the towel did not suffice.

Written By: Steven May, GeekIsUs, LCC