Recent Photos Give A Better Look At PS5

A few publications in Japan, as well as select YouTubers, were lucky enough to be invited by Sony to take an up-close and personal look at their new PlayStation 5.  This is the first reported instance that anyone has gotten their hands on, and seen in person, the PS5 console outside of those already leaked images on the internet.

As a result, several publications have created posts that detail hands-on videos and images of the console, which provides gamers with a more realistic look at the console as well as some gameplay of titles.

A publication in 4gamer shows photos of the PS5 system standing both horizontally and vertically.  The stand included allows the gamer to position the console in either manner, with the stand securing the system.

The system has an onboard cooling system, and in reviews by 4gamer, the individual stated they weren’t able to hear the cooling fan.  They also made a note of the fact that they couldn’t feel much exhausting of heat from the console while in use.

Admittedly, all of the reviews so far have been done in a minimal environment, but one item did stand out.  Photos of the system reveal the presence of a mysterious silver latch or bolt, which appears housed inside the console’s top-right section.

In previous statements, Sony had indicated that PS5 owners would have the option to expand their storage with regular SSD drives.  However, when it comes to these next-gen consoles, we have yet to see how the concept will work.

Some have surmised that the latch may be the method with which access is gained to expand storage—seeing as how it appears to give access through the removal of the side panel. 

Otherwise, we are still awaiting word from Sony on how to handle the expanding of storage, as there appears to be no other manner in which to slot an SSD card into the console.

For weeks gamers were aware the next-gen PS5 would prove to be the biggest gaming console in history thus far.  From the photos that have popped up online, it is pretty much a given that if you want the console to sit vertically, in a TV stand, for instance, then be prepared to clean out some room. 

Otherwise, you will have to be happy with sitting the console horizontally.  From the looks of the photos, when lying flat, the PS5 appears to be more than capable of fitting into most TV stands on the market.

As for the videos that have been posted, the PS5 console itself is not shown in that great of detail.  The videos focus primarily on the gameplay aspect of the console.  However, the YouTube channel Famitsu offers a look, although brief, of the next-gen console’s hardware up close.

Along with getting a close up look at the console itself, the Japanese publications and Youtubers also got an eagle eye view of the new DualSense controller with the console. 

Unfortunately, none of the photos or videos appear to have been able to show the console’s dashboard or UI elements.  These components still continue to remain a mystery.