Pulse Con: Hasbro’s Version Of An Online Convention

With the nationwide shutdowns, many of the usual fan conventions, such as the mega San Diego Comic-Con, have been subsequently canceled one by one.  As a result, many of the toy companies that rely on the conventions were left high and dry, without a way to introduce their newest creations and big reveals as they have in the past.  

Up to this point, Hasbro has been able to compensate by way of their Fan First Fridays—videos posted online—but it may seem that the videos in themselves are not enough.  In a recent announcement, spurred on by the massive success of DC FanDome, Hasbro has chosen to feature its own Pulse Con, which they will also offer online.

As it turns out, the concept of an in-house convention isn’t all that new to the Rhode-Island based company.  Just a few years ago, Hasbro held their HasCon, which was geared towards in-person guests and took place near the corporate headquarters. 

Like everything else surig this roller coaster ride of a year, the pandemic has created a new way of life and a new “normal” for fans and non-fans alike.  Taking their announcements online, the company has hired Jackie Jennings, of SyFy Wire to play host for introducing all the new items across all the brands held by Hasbro.

A while back, it looked as if Hasbro might lose the Marvel and Star Wars franchise, and as a result, chose to beef up their roster.  The list includes such franchises as Power Rangers, the short-lived Overwatch, and even Ghostbusters.  With an abundance of brands nestled under their wing, including the GI Joe relaunch as well as Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, the company maintains the essential segments of their market base.

Pulse Con, slated to take place on September 25th and 26th, will run in its entirety online.  As it turns out, these dates coincide with the previously announced dates that those items that are usually exclusive to Comic-Con will go on sale and available to fans at Pulse.  These include the X-men Hellfire Club and Logan figures based on the movie, along with the Louis Tully set from Ghostbusters.

In a day and age where the coronavirus pandemic is forcing manufacturers to think outside the box, online fan events such as DC FanDome and Pulse Con may very well be the tips of the iceberg.  Fans are still generating massive demand for what companies like Hasbro have to offer, and as such, those same companies are having to come up with a new manner in which to get the collectibles in front of the audience of buyers.

An online “con” may very well be the answer.  Fans will not only be able offered that ability to shop for their favorites but will afforded the leisure of doing it from the comfort of their homes.  Albeit, many of those same fans are sure to remark that part of the thrill of the conventions and the announcements includes the mingling and socializing with those individuals that hold the same interests.

We can only hope that life as we know it will get back to “normal” sooner rather than later.  What are some of the big reveals you are looking to see announced at Pulse Con?