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Used copy of The Dukes Of Hazard II Daisy Dukes It Out for Playstation. Tested for functionality.

Like the first game, its story is told through a series of animated cutscenes: disguised as a geologist named Melanie Shaw, Daisy Duke’s childhood friend Missy Law comes to Hazzard County with plans to rob Hazzard Bank and frame Daisy for the crime. Gameplay is similar to its predecessor and primarily consists of the player completing tasks and beating time challenges, collecting icons, delivering passengers to specific destinations, and running errands for characters, while avoiding Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and Deputy Enos Strate. The player plays as Bo Duke, Luke Duke, and Jesse Duke. Unlike its predecessor, the game also allows the player to play as Daisy, and introduces an open world environment. A free-roaming joyride mode removes all enemies and allows the player to explore all of Hazzard County, including locations from the television series such as the Boar’s Nest.

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