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Used copy of Final Fantasy IX for Playstation. Case and manual included.

Final Fantasy IX follows the story on a beautiful blue planet known as Gaia where unsettling trends take place on the Mist Continent. In this peaceful land the Crystal served as the foundation of all life. The kingdom of Alexandria began indiscriminately invading neighboring nations. Her queen is manipulated by Kuja, a man seen by many as an angel of death. Furthermore, Zidane is a member of the Tantalus, a group of thieves using the cover of a traveling theater group. You are joined by allies as you sets forth on a journey to stop the ensuing war. Thus begins an epic adventure to protect the Crystal and all life on Gaia. Lastly, be sure to check out our other Playstation and Video Games sections as well!

Order your copy of Final Fantasy IX today. Lastly, be sure to check out our other Playstation and Video Game sections as well!

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