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Used copy of Stuntman for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality. Case and manual included.

Stuntman has three single-player modes: Stuntman Career, Stunt Construction and Driving Games. In Stuntman Career, the player must attempt a series of car chase stunt scenes. Each track has several stunts, which are indicated with visual cues and in voice. The player must complete each track in a limited time and with a specified accuracy of the stunts to be able to proceed to the next scene. After all the scenes of the film are completed, a theatrical trailer of the film is shown that combines pre-rendered scenes with highlights from the car scenes based on the actual performance of the player. After succeeding a scene, the player is rewarded with money based on accuracy and time, and unlocking of vehicles and tools for the construction mode. After completing a scene, the player can watch a playback and optionally save it.

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