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Playstation 2: Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves

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Used Playstation 2: Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves. Tested for functionality. Case included.

Set a year after the events of Band of Thieves, Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, and other unidentified characters attempt to open the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by Dr. M, the owner of the island. Murray and Bentley escape, but a monster grabs Sly. During this scene, Sly’s life flashes before his eyes, and the game flashes back. Sly learned that the Cooper Vault was hidden on Kaine Island from one of his father’s colleagues, Jim McSweeney. The vault contains the accumulated wealth of the Cooper Clan built up over the centuries. Sly went to find the vault, only to discover that M had built a fortress on the island in an attempt to get at the wealth hidden in the vault. Sly needed additional experts in order to get past Dr. M’s extensive security; he needed the Cooper Gang back in action.

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