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Used Copy of Orphen Scion Of Sorcery for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality.

Gameplay consists of a mix between platform/puzzle solving and battles. Outside of battles, the player usually controls Orphen or another member of their party, and must explore each area one at a time, solving puzzles and jumping across platforms. Treasure chests are spread out throughout areas which contain either items that can be used outside of battle or equipment which is used during battle. Although enemies can sometimes be found throughout areas, there are many scripted battle sequences that occur throughout the game. In battles, the player controls one character throughout the whole battle and can use three different pieces of equipment: melee weapons, spells, and elemental shields. Though battles are set up like turn-based battles, the battles occur in real time so that the player, allies and enemies can all attack at any time. If the controlled character dies during battle, the game ends and the player is returned to the title screen. However, the player can pause the battle and change equipment at any time, restarting the battle in the process and avoiding a restart.

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