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Used Copy of James Cameron’s Dark Angel for Playstation 2. Tested for functionality. Case and manual included.

Dark Angel is a single-player beat ’em up game played from a third person view. Players take control of Max Guevara, a genetically-enhanced super soldier. Levels involve fighting enemies while following a fairly straightforward path to the level’s exit. Max attacks enemies using various punches, kicks and throws, and can also utilize the environment to perform actions, such as kickflipping off a wall then attacking an enemy from behind. She can also perform moves like back flips and side twirls to evade enemies. Occasionally Max may have to interact with the environment to advance past a point, such as placing an explosive on a door, though what is required to progress through the level is clearly highlighted to the player. Max receives communications from Logan Cale, who offers his advice on how she may reach objectives. The game also presents ‘stealth mode’ sequences during some levels. In stealth mode, Max can distract enemies by making noise or perform stealth kills by sneaking up on them. If Max is spotted during stealth mode, a timer is activated and additional enemies begin to appear. If she has not reached the exit or killed the enemies when the timer has run out, the level must be restarted.

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