NES: Super Spike Volleyball

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Used Super Spike Volleyball. Game tested for functionality.

All the fun, glory, and competitiveness of beach volleyball comes to the NES with SUPERSPIKE V’BALL. Based on the arcade hit, now you can play just like beach legends Karch Kiraly and Gabrielle Reece, as you go against some of the top teams in the world for some intense two-on-two action. There are four teams to choose from, so pick your squad, and get ready to hit the road. You’ll travel to all sorts of different beaches in Daytona, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York and as you advance, the competition gets much stronger. The gameplay is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. An X marks the spot where the ball will land (if it were to hit the ground), so you’ll know exactly where to be for every serve, set, spike, and dig. Compete on the American Circuit, or test the waters of the World Cup competition and see if you can take the championship.

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