NES: Mickey Mousecapade

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Used Mickey Mousecapade. Game tested for functionality.

Join Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they set out on a dangerous mission to rescue one of their friends, who is trapped in unknown territory. You’re in control of Mickey, but you’ll also have to protect Minnie, who has united with Mickey on his quest to rescue their friend. You’ll start in the Fun House where weird things can happen at any time and then it’s off to the ocean, where you’ll have to cross it on foot! If you can make it across the high seas, you’ll venture through a dark forest that’s full of dangerous creatures just waiting to take a bite out of you. Then it’s off to a pirate ship, where you’ll have to defeat Peg Leg Pete in order to move on to a medieval castle made up of treacherous mazes. If you can defeat the unlikely yet surprisingly familiar villain, your mission will be a success.

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